Dating squier guitars serial number

As with any new product line, Fender came up with a new numbering system for these guitars.

You would think after nearly 40 years of producing guitars, Fender would have a standardized serial number system down by now, right? Fender admits that there is little to no information about the serial numbers from What we do know about the early Korean days was that there were three different plants: Usually the first digit represented the year of production. It does stand for the year of production in a way. The s numbers were written in black.

Classic Vibe serial letters?

They just had six, seven, or eight digits with the first number representing the year. Some of these no prefix serial numbers have been found on guitars produced all the way through Fender did some crazy stuff back then. Watch out for these!

Jun 3, 5. I can ask my friend Eric who works at the CV factory what it means. It takes a couple of days to get a reply. Mark Davis , Jun 3, Jun 3, 6. Thanks Mark, that would save me from reading the zillion posts on the thread I posted.

I didn't know that existed. They must have made a S pile of them in '10 as I don't see any '11's yet. Jun 17, 7.

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Anything to report yet Mark? Jun 17, 8. Still waiting the email takes along time to get to China. Mark Davis , Jun 17, Jun 17, 9.

Jun 17, Ok got an answer not from Eric but from someone who emailed me that wants to remain unknown for some reason so I will respect their wishes. C is China G is the first letter of the name of the factory where its made S is Squier 08 first 2 numbers in the serial is the year it was made.

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Jun 18, Your extrapolation is missing the fact that there are 7 digits. Nov 29, The Wikipedia "Squire" article reads Probably made by Yako Taiwan.

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The plant from which the COB serial number prefix models originate remains a mystery. No documentation or comment from the manufacturer has resolved the question of which plant produced them. This from Wikipedia the real authority: Nov 9, Decoding Classic Vibe guitars is probably more complex, see numbers of 3 which have been in my hands.