I dead wanna hook up significado

The second is formed of slick, in-a-lush-front-room chats with experts who use pop anthropology to say that everything is awful.

Nothing to Hide

Young people get horny and old guys in glasses get mad about it. But Swiped … does go some way into the soul-deep malaise that a generation burned-out from app dating is starting to feel. In between interviews with Cheyenne, an Emma Stone-voiced brunette who worries about her appearance as it is crystallised down to five swipeable images, and shots of groups of adults enjoying a party but looking at their phones for notifications, we meet Kyle, who — as a lingering shot of him absolutely Busting Out a Guitar Solo tells us — is a cool guy. We meet Kyle first as a single man, swiping his way through New York.

Later, we meet his new girlfriend, Alex, whom he met through Tinder and is cool with having threesomes; Kyle wears a bemused ecstasy on his face, surprised he can feel this much love. Nobody really wants enlightenment, at least not when they actually find it. One of the first things you discover in the journey of self is that the Universe can be a fucked up, crazy place.

Like this quote from the Gita that Jed highlights in the very first chapter:. If you really stop to think about it that is a completely fucked up passage. You may recognize the first line in the Gita as the one Oppenheimer quoted after seeing the first atomic bomb explode:. The search for ultimate meaning is not about meditation and doing nothing and staying right where you were all along. Autolysis is a fun word. Everybody is going to die. In my interview with her in , before she become a famous globe trotting scuba diver and world renowned photographer, she had this to say about it:.

You can watch the whole wonderful scene here to remind you of your own death too!

I Dead Wanna Hook Up Significado

I mean we have whole industries dedicated to providing answers to these big questions. They most know something, right? Turns out those institutions are just there to put you right back to sleep. They specialize in platitudes and spiritual Ambien. Take three of these and call me in the morning.

I Dead Wanna Hook Up Significado - Free Dating Chatrooms!

We believe we want to wake up. And of course, the ready made answers never satisfy the artist, the scientist, the great leader, or the super-brain. Want to know what they find?

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What they find is some major or minor variation on the following:. I recommend reading the following really, really, really fast, like an announcer from the disclaimer section of a drug commercial:. At the root of everything is a black hole of nothingness.

"Hi, i'm Tate. I'm dead. Wanna hook up?" - American Horror Story

We have as much substance as dream dust. Beyond that nothingness, consciousness is the only thing that actually exists. Beyond that everything gets very, very hazy. In other words, our awful ignorance is built into the very fabric of the system and we are quite literally insane because we are blind to our true nature. The answer is yes it is perfect, even with evil, which means that the Universe does not have our morality at all.

It has its own fucked up morality because it allows evil to exist. In biological reality death is bad and life is good. Hunger is bad and eating is good. Because it kills people and puppies, the good and the bad, the innocent and the guilty, with total abandon and keeps making more of us to slaughter. It blows up stars and entire planets for fun killing everything on them with no remorse whatsoever. Does the computer code care about the non-player characters that the kid playing the game gleefully mows down?

And it also means you have to rectify both imperfection and perfection existing at the same time.


How is that freaking possible? In other words, it made you and me and infinite versions of you and me just so it could be ignorant and limited. Maya rules unopposed over You may be feeling like the girl in this little clip:.

These are just words. Just take a deep breath. So let me just say this:.

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