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CQ Table Lamp No. Deluxe Table Lamp No.

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LQ Quick-Lite, separate pump No. LQ Quick-Lite, built-in air pump No. Sunshine Made for Sunshine Safety Co. Refer to Coleman Parts Catalog No. Shipping records reveal total shipment of camp stoves as 56, including Models Nos. However, there is no evidence that Nos. In , Coleman introduced Model 3H later numbered to No.

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SS Radiant Heater No. None of the cook stoves were illustrated in sales catalogues. It is estimated that the total number of shipments of the Coleman cooking stoves, ranges and hot plates between and inclusive total was well over , units. YZ Special or des. Sunshine- for Sunshine Safety Co.

LQ with built-in pump No. LZ with built-in pump No. SS for Sunshine Safety Co. E20 Poultry Lantern No. For gasoline hot plates, cook stoves and ranges refer to special section on all types of cooking appliances. BQ Bracket lamps No. CQ Table lamps No. PQ Hanging Pendent lamps No. The first Instant-Lite burners were designed to be installed at a slight angle to vertical air tube of the lamps and lanterns. Camp Stoves gasoline No. Tub File Drawer A.

Radiant Heaters gasoline No. YZ mail-order Sears? Toronto also recorded shipments of Nos. Lanterns- Quick-Lite, made in Toronto No.

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LQ Lanterns kerosene No. Y2- mail order No. SS- for Sunshine Safety Co. Instant Lite Series No. E Poultry Lantern, large fount No. LQ Quick-Lite No. C New Quick-Lite No. LQ Quick-Lite, wide ventilator top No.

LQ Quick-Lite-2 mantles No. SS40 for Sunshine Products Co. Possibly made for Sears Roebuck or other mail order house No. BQ- Quick-Lite bracket lamp No.

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  5. CQ- Quick-Lite table lamp No. C Quick-Lite table lamp No.

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    F Sunshine Safety model number No. Strong Shipping records for years prior to BQ- Quick-Lite bracket type No. CQ- Quick-Lite table No. C Quick-Lite table No. L gasoline, 2m, Quick-Lite No. L gasoline, 2m, Quick-Lite with built-in pump No. USFS- gasoline, 2m, green top, red fount, special order U. F Sunshine Products No.

    Toronto Factory made and shipped Nos. Pyrex globe decorated flute shade.

    Coleman Steel Belted Specifications and Features

    Pyrex globe fluted plastic shade. Decorated fluted shade over Mica globe. Wick raiser and other features compare with Aladdin lamps. Gold paper shade optional. Nickel plated , 2-pint fount. Nickeled fount, built in pump. Blue porcelain top, blue lacquered fount. L Quick Lite, match lighting lantern with R generator, built in pump. Lanterns kerosene, pressure type No. Green porcelain enamel fount. Revival of kerosene lantern introduced in No catalog page in file.

    Coleman Steel Belted Review

    Solodur metal fuel tank. Same as B above but lighter construction. Steel wire legs, large wind shields. Tank black enamel finish. Irons, self heating gasoline No. Wood handle, nickel finish. Economy model of No. Black wooden handle, chromium finish. Black plastic handle, chromium finish. Fully adjustable heat thermostat.

    Trailer and Cabin Stoves gasoline No. Ivory baked enamel finish. Insulated oven with thermostat.

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    Same configuration as LC but equipped with Legs making burners waist high. Trailer and Cabin Stoves cont. Ivory enamel finish with forest green enamel top. Cast iron grates and top. Same arrangement of burners and frame as A above.